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Premium Hardwood Floor Resurfacing in Arvada

If you’re looking for the best hardwood floor resurfacing Arvada CO has to offer, you just found it! We offer affordable and effective wood floor resurfacing in Arvada, CO. Allow us to help you get the dream home you’ve always wanted. Bring back the beauty of your hardwood floors!

Our Arvada CO Hardwood Floor Resurfacing Process

You may be wondering, “Is it time to get my floors resurfaced?” That’s a great question! Our hardwood resurfacing service is meant for wood flooring with little warping to the wood itself but has signs of wear and tear. Because these floors don’t need the extensive treatments others might, it allows us to keep down labor and time. Consequently, this means the cost to you is lower. This process is as simple as buffing away the scratches and then applying a polyurethane finish to protect against future damage. For flooring with more warping and damage, consider hardwood floor refinishing.

How is the Fabulous Floors Process Different?

The Fabulous Floors process has a variety of benefits for your home and your floors. Call today to speak with a representative and learn more about our hardwood floor resurfacing service in Arvada!

  1. Our process is virtually dust-free – This means that you don’t have to worry about the quality of your home’s air and that you don’t have any cleanup when we leave.
  2. Our methods save time – Since this isn’t a full refinishing service, our resurfacing treatments can normally be completed in less than a day.
  3. Resurfaced floors add value – Our resurfacing treatment is a low price alternative to replacing floors in preparation of selling your home.

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hardwood floor resurfacing arvada co Hardwood Floor Resurfacing in Arvada, CO

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